What it means to join the Crane Rental Association of Canada Board of Directors

The Board of CRAC is formed of 13 Directors:  10 Crane Rental Companies and 3 Suppliers

Contrary to many other national associations, directors of the Crane Rental Association are responsible for their own expenses when attending a board meeting.

The annual schedule is as follow:

  1. Board meeting on the Wednesday prior to annual conference (full day) and for Executive Committee it is 1.5 day.
    1. Conference registration, transportation and accommodation is the responsibility of the Director;
    2. Meeting Day: Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and meeting expenses are the responsibility of CRAC;
    3. Tuesday evening Directors & Spouses are invited to attend a Group Dinner at a location selected by the Chairman.  This dinner is invoiced to the Director after the conference.
  2. Board meeting following the AGM (20 mins)
  • Winter Board Meeting, typically first or second week of February
    1. Travel costs, accommodations and meals are the responsibility of the Director;
    2. Meeting Days: Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and meeting expenses are the responsibility of CRAC;
    3. One or two group dinners are invoiced to the Director following the meeting.

4.    Fall Video-Conference Board Meeting (2 hours)

a.      No costs

  • Spouses are always welcomed at CRAC events, the Board meeting is for Directors only, but dinners and activities are with spouses.
  • The Winter Board Meeting location is selected by the Chairman.  It has been hosted in various venues and locations over the years:  California, Arizona, Florida, Bahamas, and Hawaii.  Several Directors & Spouses take advantage of this meeting to book holidays. 
  • We combine work and leisure: Group reception and dinner on arrival, 2 board meeting days, golf day and a group dinner to wrap things up.  Board members have the option to book a week, three days (if they want to participate in activities) or just come in for three nights to attend the Board meeting.

We invite you to apply to become a director of the Board by providing the following information.

Contact Information:

City :  
Prov :                              Zip/PC :  
Office Tel :  
Mobile :  
Email :  
  • Attach your resume and/or biography
  • In 50 words, tell us why and what you would like to contribute to the association during your term.

By sending your application to become a Director you must understand the financial responsibilities attached to your attendance of the Board Meetings.

Your information will be sent to our Nomination Committee for evaluation. A member of the Committee will reach out to you to discuss your application.

If selected, you will be invited to speak to the membership at the Annual General Meeting before being elected by the membership.