The Crane Rental Association of Canada is the voice for a stronger, safer crane industry.


The Crane Rental Association of Canada is dedicated to advocating for the crane industry and providing a social and educational forum to advance safety and professional expertise to the Canadian Crane Industry.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • providing educational programs for member firms;
  • providing feedback to suppliers;
  • advocating safety, regulatory changes and other key issues in the industry;
  • promoting value added services; and
  • creating networking opportunities that nurture business relationships.

Value Statements:

The Association Core values reflect that:

  • we foster an environment that encourages participation of our members and build strong relationships;
  • we are dedicated to prioritizing and resolving the common issue that affect our members;
  • we are fiscally conservative and strive to maintain a 1-year operating reserve;
  • we ensure fair and equitable recognition of members regardless of size of the operation;
  • we recognize all non-union and union members companies equally;
  • we work collaboratively with provincial and international crane organizations; and
  • we act with transparency and integrity in our business conduct.