Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who can join the Association? We welcome all crane rental operations companies, manufacturers and suppliers of cranes and equipment, and suppliers of services used in the specialty crane rental business in Canada.

Who can attend the Annual Conference? The Annual Conference is exclusively and solely for the members of the Crane Rental Association of Canada.

How many delegates can my Company send to Conference? There is no limit, each member (company) can register as many delegates as required.

How do I register to the Conference? Even if your company is a member of CRAC, it is possible that your name or email has not been added to our database.  From the website, there is a link to the Conference which we activate in December.  If you try to register and they system does not recognize you, there could be 2 reasons:

  • It is your first conference and your name and address have not been added to our database;
  • You are using a different email address than the one we have in our files.

How can I access the information about the annual Conference?  The home page has a direct link to the Conference website.  The information is accessible but registration only opens in December.

Is there an App?  Yes and you will find all the details related to the Conference such as the agenda, the activities, the speakers biographies and information about the special events.  Go to the App Store and look for CRAC-ACLG.  Install it on your mobile device and you are ready.

Who can become a Director? The crane rental companies can have one representative elected as a director at a time.  Directors can have two consecutive terms of three years. Manufacturers and suppliers can have one representative elected as a director for two terms of two years.  To read more about the election process, visit the Association section.

Can a director be re-elected after two terms? Yes, as long as he/she takes a one year pause before running for another term.

Are all CRAC activities in both official languages?  We make great efforts in translating as much information as we can, our meetings are conducted in English and our working documents are in English.  There are always French-speaking bilingual members eager to provide interpretation services at the meetings.