Spencer Beach, Keynote Speaker
Forged in the Heart of Fire
décembre 2, 2020
10 am / temps de montagne

In a work-related accident, within 20 seconds, Spencer received 3rd and 4th degree burns to his body. He fought through the fire to escape to live. Holding onto fading thoughts of his wife and unborn child gave him the courage to find a way out. But he had no idea what survival would mean.
How do you embrace change when it happens? Whether it is in a corporate restructure, new initiatives, a policy role out or change from unforeseen circumstances this presentation will ignite the audience in positively impact the outcome of change.
Spencer’s presentation has a profound effect on everyone who experiences it! He opens his heart and relives his story to share with the audience how every fearful and painful moment was to become a blessing. By using his expert story-telling and amazing sense of humor Spencer will ignite the audience to believing in the power of help. He will share why change is positive as the audience discovers his greatest lesson was Forged in the Heart of Fire.
This presentation will never leave you as Spencer’s messages will be applicable throughout life.
Goals and Benefits
• To inspire the audience to actively work with new initiates, policies and restructuring
• To remove barriers from accepting and asking for help
• To remove the hesitation created from the uncertainty of change
• To prioritize what is important in life and what are distractions
• To improve positive communication through change
• To create a positive work environment through change
• To make the tools provided easy to use

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