You are invited to attend the second webinar of our Webinar Series on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020. After a decade of research and lobbying efforts by the Crane Rental Association of Canada, we are preparing to launch a 2-year AT Cranes Pilot Project in partnership with Alberta Transportation.
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Starting September 1st, All-Terrain Cranes of CRAC Member Companies will be able to travel boom over front under the following seasonal regulations:
• Spring: 9,500 kg/axle
• Summer/Fall: 11,500 kg/axle
• Winter: 12,500 kg/axle
During this webinar, you will hear about the changes to the permitting system and the responsibilities of the CRAC Member Crane Rental Companies who wish to participate in this initiative.

We will be joined by Wendy Doyle, Executive Director, Carrier & Vehicle Safety Branch, Alberta Transportation and Andrew Pillman, Director, Permitting & Approvals, Alberta Transportation
At the end of the webinar, participants will:
• Understand the history of the project
• Appreciate the voluntary approach to the project
• Recognize the important advantages and the administrative inconveniences of adhering to the project
• Fully comprehend the consequences of non-compliance
We acknowledge Alberta Transportation and the Boom Dolly Research Committee of the Crane Rental Association of Canada for making this Pilot Project a reality.

Andrew Pillman – Director, Carrier & Vehicle Safety – Permitting & Approvals
Andrew graduated with a Degree in Criminal Justice from Athabasca University in 2005 and joined the Government of Alberta shortly thereafter. Throughout his 15-year career in government, he has performed various roles within Alberta Transportation. Andrew started his career as a Transport Officer with Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, and then continued on to roles in carrier compliance and dangerous goods and rail safety. Andrew was promoted to the Manager of National Safety Code & Compliance where he continued to work until the recent competition where he became the Director of Permitting and Approvals.

Wendy Doyle – Executive Director, Carrier & Vehicle Safety
Wendy Doyle is the Executive Director of Carrier & Vehicle Safety. This branch develops and champions the vision and strategic direction for regulated industries in Alberta for commercial vehicles, vehicle inspection programs, transportation of dangerous goods and provincial railway safety. This entails providing effective oversight while allowing economic prosperity within each industry.

Wendy has been in Alberta Transportation for 20 years in various roles in transportation safety and policy. She is the Alberta member for the Compliance & Regulatory Affairs committee under the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, and co-chairs the Highly Automated Vehicle Working Group nationally. She led the national working group responsible for developing Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025. She has two diplomas in criminal justice policing, and a management certificate from the University of Alberta – School of Business.

CRAC-ACLG Webinar Series – June 17th 9:00 am PST

If you want a Zoom recording please contact Claire by email at claire(at) or by phone at 306-585-2722.