Join the member of the CRAC-ACLG Diversity & Inclusion Committee for an intimate conversation about Diversity & Inclusion in the crane industry. The CRAC-ACLG Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, is to start the conversation, provide multiple resources for your leadership team such as training options, and identify mentors in the industry. It is 2020 and Diversity & Inclusion is a strategic imperative for all companies to remain relevant and competitive.
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Schedule a live presentation on November 25, 2020 at 9 am Pacific
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“How to speak your truth and be an inspiration to others”
We all have been inspired by the words of others at various points in our lives. Because of these words, we’ve been excited about making a greater impact on our family or community or even globally. In the past, many people have chosen to stay silent and repress their truth, but this is rapidly changing. Come and learn how to be that voice of inspiration and share your truth, whether for your children, grandchildren, in a boardroom or on a stage.

How do you embrace change when it happens? Whether it is in a corporate restructure, new initiatives, a policy role out or change from unforeseen circumstances this presentation will ignite the audience in positively impact the outcome of change.

Karen McGregor is a leadership and influence expert, international keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of several books, her latest being The Tao of Influence: Creating Lasting Change for a Better World (soon to be released).

Karen helps business professionals and entrepreneurs to have the greatest impact and influence through the integration of ancient wisdom teachings. She built her own multiple 6-figure company 7 years ago from the ground up as a single mom; through her own challenging journey and struggles with her Type A personality, Karen shares how to access deep inner wisdom and harmony (in an often chaotic, demanding and ever changing environment) while getting extraordinary results professionally and personally. She has presented to thousands of people in a variety of industries and is respected as a speaker who motivates and inspires audiences to take action.

As a 2018 TEDx speaker with over one million views and an international speaker sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, John Gray, Deepak Chopra and others, Karen knows how to inspire leaders to become influential, modern-day mystics in the boardroom, in their communities and on the global stage… all while taking the necessary action to produce sustainable change.

1) CRAC-ACLG Webinar Series – June 17th 9:00 am PST
2) Alberta AT Cranes 2 Year Pilot Project – August 12th 10:00 am MST

If you want a Zoom recording please contact Claire by email at claire(at) or by phone at 306-585-2722.