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Crane Rental Association of Canada
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January 1 to December 31, 2021

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The Crane Rental Association of Canada

The Association welcomes all crane companies, manufacturers and suppliers to the industry. Members are from across Canada and the United States; crane rental operations, manufacturers and suppliers of cranes and equipment, suppliers of services used in the specialty crane rental business in Canada.

Once a year, we hold a Conference and General Meeting. The CRAC Conference is a unique annual event giving the opportunity to meet with the leaders of the Canadian crane industry. If you have an inquiry, or would like to ask some questions, we encourage you to contact us.

Spencer Beach, Workshop

Safety Do or Do Not: There is No try (Workshop)
February 24, 2021
10 am / Mountain Time

Since the advent of the corporate safety system the policies have all been tied to controlling hazardous energy through regulatory processes. This approach has left out the most important part of a successful safety system; the workers behaviors! In this presentation we will learn how we inadvertently created resistance towards safety with sayings like safety starts with me, safety first and rush job. After this session you will have a greater understanding of the workers culture, why it is important, how to communicate to it!

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