The Crane Rental Association of Canada is dedicated to providing a social and educational forum to advance safety and professional expertise to the Canadian Crane Industry.

We welcome all crane rental operations companies, manufacturers and suppliers of cranes and equipment, and suppliers of services used in the specialty crane rental business in Canada.  Members are from across Canada and the United States.

Once a year, we hold a Conference and General Meeting.

The affairs of the Corporation are managed by a board of twelve (12) directors.  The terms of office of the directors are two (2) and three (3) years.  Directors are elected by the members at the annual general meeting.

Membership consist of:

  1. Voting Members
    Members are employers of employees actively engaged in Canada in specialty crane rental operations primarily involved in 3rd party rental. A group of employers who are related to each other or owned or financially controlled by the same company shall be entitled to only one membership.

    • All Terrain Cranes
    • Truck Mounted Cranes
    • Boom Trucks
    • Folding Cranes
    • Tower Cranes and Self Erecting Tower Cranes
    • Derrick Cranes
    • Mini Spyder Cranes
    • Crawler Cranes
    • Rough Terrain Cranes
    • Carry Deck Cranes

  2. Voting Associate Members
  • Suppliers of cranes and equipment
  • Manufacturers of cranes and equipment
  • Suppliers of services used in the specialty crane rental business in Canada.